Three Edwin Warner Park Shelters to Temporarily Close for Restoration

Edwin Warner Park shelter #10

 Nashville, TN – Edwin Warner Park Shelters #9, #10 & #11 will be closed to the public for a major land and river restoration project starting May 1st, 2022, lasting until December 31st, 2022. 

These shelters, along with the parking lots and asphalt drive associated with these structures, will be removed in order to restore the riverbank and floodway of the Little Harpeth River. Native plants will be planted in place of these structures to improve the erosion and deterioration of the riverbank and enhance the riparian buffer zone, which has suffered significantly from over-use. 

Significant erosion shown along the Little Harpeth River by Edwin Warner Park Shelter #10.
High volume impact on the land within the riparian buffer zone of the Little Harpeth River, shelter #10.

Following the demolition, two of Edwin Warner Park’s larger shelters (#9 & #10) will be rebuilt away from the riverbank and out of the floodway. Shelter #9 will be enlarged with ample green space and will be considered suitable for special events involving up to 300 people. 

This major project is made possible with a collaboration between Metro Parks, Friends of Warner Parks, Metro Water, and Cumberland River Compact. This collective impact will enable us to protect and preserve our great natural landscapes. 

The Edwin Warner Park Land & River Restoration Project is the first step of a larger initiative to relocate active use areas away from the riverbank and protect riparian buffer zones, including plans to: 

  • Execute a comprehensive assessment of “water” in Warner Parks streams, springs, ponds, vernal ponds, wet weather conveyances, riparian zones, water retention, etc. 
  • Protect and enhance riparian buffer zones throughout the Warner Parks 
  • Use water assessment to create and implement a comprehensive stewardship and education plan designed to be a model for all Metro Natural Parks 
  • Develop specific access points for the public along the Little Harpeth River to protect restored bank areas 
  • Maintain ongoing relationships with local organizations to identify projects and resources to protect and improve water quality in the Little Harpeth River 
  • Establish policy and best practices for buffer plantings, maintenance and restoration of natural features, and protection of plant and animal communities 
  • Mitigate damage caused by overuse including traffic congestion and the need for public transportation by managing and distributing outdoor recreation opportunities throughout the county 

Edwin Warner Park Shelters #2–#8 will remain open for reservations by calling 615-862-8408, Monday-Friday 8:00 am – 12:00 pm. Parking for Harpeth River Greenway will be temporarily relocated to the Edwin Warner Park Woolwine Trailhead parking lot at 7311 Highway 100. 

Please consider supporting the restoration of the Little Harpeth River floodway and preservation of the riparian buffer zone in Edwin Warner Park by becoming a sustaining member of the Warner Parks or making a donation.

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