Trail Maintenance and Preservation

maintaining trail durability and accessibility
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The Warner Parks Have Over 2 Million Visitors Annually

The impact on the Warner Parks trails system has nearly doubled in the past few years, causing the demand for infrastructure maintenance to increase as well.

Our plans for trail maintenance and preservation include reparations to the following: stonework and designs consistent with the original “WPA” style built by the Works Progress Administration, paved roadways, parking areas, pedestrian bridges, and primitive trails. 

Warner Parks Trail Restoration

In collaboration with Tailored Trails LLC, we are restoring 16+ miles of primitive trails throughout Warner Parks. The restoration crew will refurbish our existing trail system including bridges, signage, trails, and connector points.

With a full trail restoration, our goals are to…

  • Improve trail durability and repair damage
  • Restore natural drainage patterns
  • Reduce and mitigate erosion
  • Progress underway 45% 45%
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SWEAT – Special Work Education and Trails

Our SWEAT Team makes improvements to the Warner Parks’ hiking trails, organic gardens, footbridges, landscaping, and facilities. In return, they gain valuable knowledge and team-building experience in organic gardening methods, trail maintenance techniques, use of landscaping tools, the natural history of native plants and animals, impact of invasive species, and natural area management.

We have SWEAT Crews working in the Warner Parks in the Winter and in the Summer, thanks to the generosity of our donors and Park Partners. 

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Warner Parks Restoration Projects

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