It’s My Nature

The $15 Million Capital Campaign to Preserve and Protect Warner Parks

Campaign Initiatives & Progress

Belle Meade Entrance & Allée
  • Renovation of Allée Steps, sandstone gates, & stonework
  • Landscape beautification & drainage repair
  • Completed, October 2021 100% 100%
Historic stonework & gateways
  • Restoration of “WPA” style stonework, bridges, and structures
  • Creation of new gateways at the Percy Warner Golf Course, Gaucho Road, and the Edwin Warner Park Picnic Area
  • Progress Underway 40% 40%
Primitive Trail Restoration
  • Improved trail durability & damage repair
  • Restored natural drainage patterns & mitigated erosion
  • Completed, september 2023 100% 100%
invasive plant control
  • Removal of all invasive plant species in the Warner Parks
  • Ongoing maintenance of forested acreage to ensure complete eradication of invasive plants
  • Progress underway 45% 45%
Historic Hodge House
  • Updated structure & home interior
  • Landscape beautification with a new pavilion for educational programming and special events
  • Completed, april 2022 100% 100%
Warner Park Nature Center

Including renovations to Susanne B. Warner Learning Center

  • Repaired chimney, roof, window, and gutter
  • Replacement of damaged posts, railings, siding, and trim, with fresh paint
  • Completed 100% 100%
Percy Warner Golf Course
  • Replacement of irrigation system, putting greens, and green surrounds
  • Improved teeing ground and golf cart path
  • Creation of a new practice area
  • completed, course opens june 2024 100% 100%
Edwin Warner Park Land & River Restoration Project

Project with Metro Parks, Metro Water, and the Cumberland River Compact

  • Relocation and replacement of picnic shelters #9, #10, and #11
  • Removal of all impervious parking areas surrounding shelters #10 and #11
  • Streambank restoration
  • Completed, may 2023 100% 100%

A Letter From Our Campaign Chair

The It’s My Nature Campaign strives to preserve and protect Warner Parks for future generations. We’ve done a 100-year restoration to the Allée and we’re strategically poised for our next park improvement projects: continued restoration of historic stonework, improvements to trails and park vistas, invasive plant removal, and critical repairs at the Warner Park Nature Center.

It’s been a very exciting process to be a part of. The city of Nashville has been so supportive of this, and we are grateful for the vision and generosity of the community leaders listed below. Please join us in our efforts to return the park to its original splendor with a gift of any amount.

It’s Our Nature, Nashville.

Govan White

Campaign Leadership

Chair Emeritus

E. Warner Bass

Campaign Chairs

Clare Armistead
Govan White

FOWP President

Jenny Hannon

FOWP Board Chair

Govan White

Campaign Committee

Tara Armistead
Claire Corby
Jeff Fincher
Elizabeth Lamar
Bob Parrish
Beth Preston
Kevin Roddey
Kristin Taylor
Susan Weatherby

Please contact Friends of Warner Parks President, Jenny Hannon, for more information on how to join the campaign.