Land Acquisition

protecting our landscape from the threat of development

Burch Reserve and Old Growth Hill Forest

Continuing the legacy of our founding visionaries, Friends of Warner Parks embraced the opportunity in 2004 to acquire additional land and ensure nearly 500 acres—including an old growth forest—were forever safe from the threat of commercial development.

In partnership with Metro Parks and thanks to the generosity of the Lucius E. Burch III family and others, a total of $15 million was raised and the Burch Reserve and Hill Forest were brought into the fold of Warner Parks, boasting natural habitats, undisturbed vistas, and recreation opportunities.

What is an old growth forest?

One whose history is unscathed by disturbance of any kind, hosting incredible biodiversity.

Acquisition and Protection of Critical Properties

“There were plans for the ‘Lodges at Warner Parks’, in which 80 or 90 condos with beautiful views of the Parks were planned to go in on the North side of Highway 100, where the Burch Reserve sits today. The Friends of Warner Parks board protested strongly and prevailed, securing roughly 30 acres of land for 1.5 million dollars. The campaign for land acquisition thus began, all with the goal to maintain a protective boundary and preserve our Warner Park land.” – A History of Nashville’s Warner Parks

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