Bird Saving Tips

7 simple actions to help birds infographic

7 Simple Actions to Help Birds

A recent study has found a significant decline in birds: 1 in 4 birds (2.9 billion) have been lost since 1970, but he good news is there are several things we can do to make a difference!

  • Keep your cats indoors! Aside from habitat loss, outdoor cats are the #1 human-caused reason for loss of birds. It’s not too late to turn back! The American Bird Conservancy has some great suggestions for keeping your cat inside.
  • Prevent window strikes. Birds have difficulty detecting glass & millions die each year when they hit windows. Here are some solutions you can take right now to make your windows visible. During prime migration season such as now, this is critical! Stop by the Library at WPNC to see what we have done with our windows to prevent window strikes. Note – we sell Feather Friendly at the gift shop, too.
  • Birds love native plants and insects. You can provide more food for birds by reducing the size of manicured lawns and replacing them with native plants while also minimizing the use of herbicides and pesticides.
  • Drink bird-friendly, shade-grown coffee which provides native habitat during the winter months for our migratory songbirds.
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle plastic. Many animals, including birds, die from ingesting or getting entangled in plastic. Here are some helpful tips to reduce today!
  • Help monitor birds through citizen science with projects like eBird, Project FeederWatch, and iNaturalist

And be sure to support organizations that support bird protection, research and conservation like Friends of Warner Parks which fully funds the BIRD Program at Warner Park Nature Center!

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