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Eastern bluebird, photo taken by Alan Plummer

Eastern Bluebird Born in Warner Parks  

We are proud to share the heartwarming story of a female Eastern Bluebird, who was born in a nest box on the Percy Warner Golf Course in July ‘10, banded when 8-days old by Diana McLusky, a licensed bird bander and decades-long Warner Park Nature Center volunteer, and SIX years later discovered and recaptured by a bird bander in Wisconsin in June ‘16!  

The entire story was written by Sandy Bivens and Diana McLusky and published in the most recent volume of TN Ornithological Society’s Journal THE MIGRANT, an exciting and historic discovery that “inspires us to keep studying birds and reminds us there is still so much to learn” (Bivens & McLusky, The Migrant, Sept. 2020).

Read the entire published article below!

The Warner Parks’ Eastern Bluebird nest box trail has recently been confirmed to be the oldest in North America, established in 1936 by Nashville ornithologist Amelia Laskey.  

The BIRD Program is funded by Friends of Warner Parks, in collaboration with Warner Park Nature Center and Nashville Metro Parks and Recreation. This year marks the 40th year of the WPNC Bird Banding Station thanks to our dedicated volunteers, staff, and partners! Please support our legacy bird research and public engagement programs with a donation, becoming a member, and volunteering with Warner Parks. #ProtectTheBirds #ProtectWarnerParks.

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