New Dual-use Trails in Percy Warner Park

Dual-use trails

Approximately 6 miles of equestrian trails in Percy Warner Park are now open to hikers as well! These new dual-use trails have their own set of rules to ensure safety for riders, hikers, and horses alike:  

1. Pedestrians always yield to horses. Pedestrians: Announce yourself with a calm voice when approaching a horse and step off the trail so the horse can see you.  

2. No running permitted on these trails. Sudden movements and sounds can startle a horse.  

3. No dogs permitted on these trails. Dogs can lead to dangerous situations with horses, even on a leash. 

4. No bikes permitted on these trails.

Check out an updated trail map below to start planning your hike. The dual-use trail, also known as the Old Beech Trail is easily accessible from the Chickering Road Trailhead, Deep Well Trailhead, and the Belle Meade Blvd Entrance to Percy Warner Park. We hope you enjoy exploring a new trail!

Warner Parks Trail Map

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