Allée Questions Answered: Flagstone Pavers

Construction work on the Allée steps

Locally Sourced Flagstone Pavers

Originally, most of the surface of the Allée walkways was made up of small-size gravel, an unstable material that was prone to washing out with the rain that did not provide safe footing for today’s heavy foot traffic.

A decision was made to select gray crab orchard sandstone pavers, aka flagstone, as the better surface material. The gray color harmoniously matches the limestone that makes up the majority of the Allée structure, and is also a locally sourced, environmentally friendly product. It also provides better traction for our many runners and walkers! To be consistent with existing stonework, an irregular/random pattern was chosen for the design.

All decisions run through similar thought process, with attention placed on aligning with historical elements, the safety of park users, and overall design aesthetic. No decision is too small for thoughtful consideration of details – the polymeric sand between the pavers was equally scrutinized!

The team of people making these thoughtful decisions is comprised of representatives from the Metro Historical Commission, Metro Parks,Friends of Warner Parks, and the contractors overseeing the Allée rehabilitation project.

The Allée restoration represents one of three priorities of our ongoing It’s My Nature Capital Campaign.

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