The Warner Parks Have Grown…

The Warner Parks have grown to 3,195 acres

Land Acquisition

As Nashville continues to grow, we feel now, more than ever, the importance of preserving and protecting our natural park land.

Since its inception, Friends of Warner Parks has acquired nearly 500 acres of additional land for the Warner Parks, including the Burch Reserve and old growth Hill Forest. The acquisition of these two major plots of land required massive effort, only possible after raising a total of $15 million, but ultimately ensured this undisturbed land was forever safe from the threat of commercial development.

Open fields of the Burch Reserve in the fall. Photo by Trent Rosenbloom.

8 Additional Acres, Protected Forever

At the end of December, we added 8 additional acres along Highway 100 to the Warner Parks, bringing our total acreage from 3,187 to 3,195! The expansion of our Park boundary not only ensures that more land is protected forever, it allows for a larger buffer around our natural ecosystems, providing essential habitat for over 285 species of birds, 225 identified fungi, 422 species of wildflowers, and 100+ native trees and shrubs.

Find ways to support the expansion of the Warner Parks and protect our natural ecosystems.

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