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A Multifaceted Approach to Connecting Urban Youth to the Natural World

Targeting urban kids served by Metro Parks’ regional and neighborhood community centers, our Urban Nature Program offerings are designed to help urban youth …

  • Get excited about biodiversity and the natural world
  • Feel comfortable outdoors
  • Develop an appreciation for wildlife
  • Learn to care for the environment and their communities

Led By A Dedicated Team of Urban Naturalists Making a Difference

Part-time staff at the Nature Center work to develop and implement a variety of camps and events—Afterschool Nature Clubs, P.E.N. Pals Camps, Fall Cookouts & Campfires—throughout the year.
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Urban Nature Offerings

Ages 9-13 | Summer 2022

Spend a week in the outdoors exploring what fascinates you! Search for tadpoles, turn over a rotting log and hunt for salamanders. We’ll hike, encounter live animals and new adventures.

Ages 8-12 | Summer 2022

Nature Detectives After-School Nature Clubs are offered through the Urban Nature Program at Metro Parks Community Centers. Youth meet monthly with our Urban Naturalist to explore, observe, and develop an appreciation for nature in their neighborhood park.

Ages 8-12 | Summer 2022

‍Community center youth experience the Warner Parks during the fall season. Earlier sunsets and cooler temperatures mean it’s time to roast hot dogs, make s’mores, and enjoy time around the campfire. After enjoying a cookout supper, youth explore the Parks on a night hike where they call for owls, listen for coyotes, view the night sky, and return for s’mores, songs, and stories around the campfire.

Did You Know?

Over 1,900 acres of Warner Parks have been deemed overrun by invasive plants

The main culprits are Japanese Honeysuckle, Chinese Privet, Euonymus, and Ailanthus. Pretty as they may be, they literally over-occupy the forest. But, thanks to efforts like ongoing Pullin’ Parties, the Urban Nature Program, and volunteer support, we’re pulling ’em out!

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Nashville area businesses can play a vital role in funding this program and our parks.

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