Volunteer of the Month

Meet The McGrews

Meet the McGrew Crew, for whom volunteering is a family affair. Inspired by the passions of her grandfather, a naturalist with the US Department of Forestry, Dr. Lori McGrew, her husband Joe and son Conor, have participated in a range of volunteer opportunities since moving to Bellevue in 2003. Invasive plant removal, the Bike Tour, environmental education programs like Insects of the Night, along with various park clean-ups are just some of the ways they look to give back to the stewardship of this great natural area.

More recently, they have endeared themselves as staples at the Full Moon Pickin’ Parties. Regulars on the 2nd shift, Joe and Lori can often be found spilling beer into cups while Conor peddles glowsticks and t-shirts at the merchandise booth. They round out the evening by letting us chase them around the fields picking up cones and helping with cleanup after the event. Live music, food trucks, and lots of friendly faces, including several Belmont alumni, make the Pickin’ Parties a volunteer opportunity that really resonates with the McGrews.

In addition to volunteering, Conor has left his mark on the Warner Parks over the past two summers as a member and then team leader of the SWEAT Crew. Working to maintain trails and preserve Park resources, his passion to improve conservation efforts and enhance wildlife habitat is evidenced in the dedicated contributions of his labor. Seeing Conor pull up to the Nature Center in his sweet dark blue El Camino always brings a smile to my face. We are grateful for the privilege to work with such an outstanding young man and know that the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Thank you Lori, Joe & Conor for your support of the Warner Parks!!