Our Best Friends

Friends of Warner Parks is dedicated to the care of our sanctuary in the city. Partnership directly supports efforts to preserve and protect historic Warner Parks, including its nearly 3,200 acres of beloved natural parkland. Friends maintain trails, keep most Nature Center programs free for all, restore historic features, support volunteer programs, and more. We want to recognize and thank our most recent Friends below!


Nashville Predators Foundation

The Frist Foundation

The Joyce Family Foundation

Joe C. Davis Foundation

The Memorial Foundation

Kim Scott and James Scott

AmazonSmile Foundation

Estate of Jean Ewing Love

Hideout Pictures, LLC

James Madison University Community Service-Learning

The HCA Foundation

Dell YourCause, LLC

Caterpillar Foundation

Event Sponsors/Partners

Bridgestone Americas Trust Fund

The Crichton Group

Highwoods Properties


Luke Lea Society

Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Gill

Mr. and Mrs. R. Booth Chapman

Mrs. John B. Hardcastle

David Kevin Roddey

Warner Woods

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Barton III

Clay Blevins

Jane and Brevard Haynes

Jeannette and Clay Whitson

Dr. Daniel Hatef

Jean W. Marstiller

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Whitson

Mr. and Mrs. Davis Hunt, Jr.

Harpeth Woods

Dr. and Mrs. Doug Brown

Nancy King Dillon

Mr. and Mrs. E. Randall Henderson, Jr.

Amber and Phil Hertik

Melissa Matlock

Susan P. and James A. O’Neill, Jr.

Mrs. Sandra Davis Owen

Dana Peterson

Lee Ann and Jim Ruderer

Christopher C. Hill

Dr. John Dalton and Carolyn M. Dalton

Hope and Keith Walker

John Christopher Larkin and Kimberly J. Larkin

Kathryn Anderson

Les Vantrease

Mr. Donald Q. Cochran and Mrs. Sandra B. Cochran

Mr. Donald R. Williamson

Ms. Susan P. O’Neill

Patricia and Steve Ghertner

Cane Connector

Sarah Alldredge

Carole and Jim Bartoo

Emily and David Berry

Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Casey

Mr. and Mrs. George H. Cate III

Mr. John O. Colton

Duncan Eve

Carol and Stan Fossick

Lane A. Garner

Mr. Em J. Ghianni

Mr. and Mrs. Martin E. Gilmore, Jr.

Mrs. Beth Hamilton and Mr. Robert M. Hamilton

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Hegel

Katherine and James Henning

Gregg Loughman

Mr. and Mrs. Victor L. Marchese

Teresa and Michael Marchetti

John Markham

Mr. and Mrs. Stafford F. McNamee, Jr.

Diane Mosley

James T. Oglesby

Mr. Robert L. Parrish

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Phipps, Jr.

Carolyn Reynolds

Mike Rogers

Mr. Owen G. Shell, Jr.

Shawn and Steve Stedman

Laura and Scott Stephan

Mr. and Mrs. H.S. Tidwell

Mrs. Billy Webb

Karen and Kent Weeks

Barry Wilker and David Ellis

Martha and Ed Young

Beth and Hart Weatherford

Brenda and Jeff Russell

Bryan Meng

Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Overby

Dr. and Mrs. John Pietsch

Dr. and Mrs. Paul Lipson

Dr. Carroll M. Young

Kate H. Lee and Baxter Lee IV

Lee Bandlow and Sherrill Bandlow

Lee Steinhouse

Mr. and Mrs. David B. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Fielder

Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Casey

Mr. and Mrs. H. Pride Scanlan

Mr. and Mrs. John Barringer

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Reed III

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Brink

Mr. Robert L. Parrish

Mrs. Edie M. Bass

Mrs. James H. Bond

Mrs. Leonard Wood

Myr Wilson

Pamela Larson

Rachel and Gentry Barden

Sara Zentner

Owl Hollow

Betsy and James Akins

Keisha and Gregory Beard

Elaine and Randolph Blake

Anita and Maurice Bondurant

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Bragg, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. W. Allen Bryan III

Enikoe and Raymond F. Burk, Jr.

Kerry and Matt Carden

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Carpenter

Helen R. and Louis Y. Corey

Bunny and Jack Cothren

Patricia and Ben Dishman

Missi and Todd Friedenberg

Sandy and Lewis Goldstein

Katherine and Mack Linebaugh

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Long

Julie and Robert Neaderthal

Jean and Robert Osterhout

Mrs. Janie E. Parmley

Dr. Scott and Mrs. Leslie Ruder

Lisa Slipkovich

Stacie and Dustin Timmons

Emily and Chris Walker

Dr. and Mrs. Taylor M. Wray

Barbara B. Fletcher and John J. Fletcher

Bob B. Littleton and Donna O. Littleton

Brian Berhow and Kathryn P. Berhow

Carol Topley

Charles L. Cramer Jr. and Lynda K. Cramer

Dr. Eugene M. Regen Jr. and Mrs. Eugene M. Regen Jr.

Edie and Carlos Carey

Emily Walker

Helen and Louis Corey

John B. Daley

Joy Emery

Linda Graham

Louis Stans and Patricia G. Stans

Ludwig Reinheimer

Margaret and Bill Howell

Michael and Barney Burke

Mr Richard Norment

Mr. and Mrs. J. Witt Irion, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Daviss Coble

Mr. and Mrs. Martin T. Mayden

Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Coleman

Mr. Rusty McCain

Ms Veronica Wright

Robert Warnke and Sheri K. Warnke

W. Michael Madden and Paige J. Madden

Hungry Hawk

Denise and David Birnbaum

Ms. Marion B. Bogen

Mychal Bowling

Roxanne Brown

Janet K. Chan

Martye Jeffords

Karen Lackey

Mr. William Chase Ledbetter III

Mr. Warner McNeilly, Jr.

Janice C. Mosley

Catherine O’Bryan

Cindy Rice

Sandra S. Schwarcz

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Trabue, Jr.

Kyle Whalum

Ms. Jackie York

Bonnie Baker

Brenda Mikec

J. Tucker

Carol Rehder

Charles Alley

Daphne Glaser

Gillian Perret and Harry Perret

Hilary Grace Nance

Irvin Berry

John L. Clark, Jr.


Lynne A. Gustave

Martha Lou Deacon

Matthew Hendrickson

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Demmas

Nicole M. Hannewald

Robert Jacobs

Stephanie Walker

General Donations/Honors/Memorials

Anita and Ben Bailey

Brad Jones

Catherine Rushworth

John Thomas

Jonathan & Tilghman Whitacre

Larry Yarborough and Eleanor B. Yarborough

Ms. Shelby Logsdon

Ms. Warner Tidwell

Patrice Daws

Susan Doughty

Danielle Kraus

Lisa Hayes

B.I.R.D. Program

Carol Radestock

Emily Walker

Leslie B. Fowler and Leon Fowler

Sandy Bivens

Stephen Tisdell

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